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We Are Dream Events Your  Partner For

Event Planning & Production In Thailand 



Dream Events offers a comprehensive range of event planning and production services in various locations across Thailand. 

20+ years of experience and a successful track record of over 1000+ events

The company has a strong foundation in the event industry.

Our emphasis on a "Quality-Centric Approach with Competitive Pricing" is a strong selling point, as it conveys our commitment to delivering high-quality events while also being mindful of the client's budget. Additionally, your in-house inventory of event production equipments and English-speaking production team can provide clients with convenience and peace of mind.

The variety of events you cater to, including corporate events, rewards & recognition, private parties, gala dinners, award functions, product launch, exhibition, Convention, destination wedding, showcases our versatility and capability in handling different types of events.

Having a geographical reach across Thailand, covering popular destinations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, and others, we have the capability to serve clients in key locations throughout Thailand. Dream Events can be a potential strong partner for event businesses in Thailand for individuals, corporates, event & travel trade agency looking to host successful events in Thailand.


Tailored Experiences

Emphasize our ability to create custom, tailored experiences for each client, ensuring that each event is unique and perfectly suited to the client's

vision and objectives.


Sustainable Practices

 If applicable, emphasize our commitment to sustainable event planning & production, showcasing your efforts to minimize environmental impact & promote socially responsible practices.

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Innovation and Creativity

Showcase  our innovative approach to event planning & production, including any unique event concepts, cutting-edge technologies, or creative solutions that set us apart from traditional event planners.


Comprehensive In-House Services Emphasize on quality control with SOP & our in-house inventory of event production equipment, English-speaking production team, showcasing our ability to offer a seamless & reliable experience for clients.


Local Expertise

Highlight our deep understanding of the local culture, customs, and venues in Thailand, showcasing your ability to create authentic and immersive experiences for both local and international clients.


Client-Centric Approach

Highlight our focus on building strong client relationships and delivering exceptional customer service, showcasing how we go above and beyond to exceed client expectations & their satisfaction.

Our Team


Debasish Maitra (DEV)

Director - Sales & Marketing 

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Nuansai Chanthicha (JANE)

Director - Production


Ahmad Shezi (SHEZI)

Director -  Planning  &  Execution

Our India Launch Event

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Our Partner

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